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Meditation … all free!



Sat 15th June ~ 10am-5pm

Sun 16th June ~ 10am-3pm

Held courtesy of James Alma, proprietor of The Camper Workshop.

Unique to CAMPERLIFE@STRATFORD, all-day workshops offering free expert advice about self-build campervan conversions.



Sat 15th June ~ 10am-5pm

Sun 16th June ~ 10am-4pm

Held courtesy of Richard Matthews FRGS, proprietor of Adventure Stories 


The Adventure Advice Centre is a unique opportunity to get free advice on your adventure. Whether in the mountains or on the road, in the UK or overseas we can probably help.


Run by Richard Matthews, who has circumnavigated the globe in a Nissan Micra, consulted a Toyota expedition to Japan and a veteran’s expedition on the original Dakar route to name a few. He's no stranger to organising adventures- beyond his experience in the realm of 2wd vehicles in silly places, Richard is an experienced climber and mountaineer and holds numerous outdoor qualifications. These include UK mountain leader, rock climbing instructor and mountain bike instructor. Beyond this he has led expeditions overseas in the mountains and deserts, with young people and adults.


Alongside this we will be having Adventure Stories join us with their Boards of Adventure; a place to let others know about your upcoming adventure and invite them to join you or alternatively, see what adventures others are doing and see if you can join them. Adventure Stories will also be bringing along all of their maps from around the world to help you start planning that next adventure.


Come along to find your next adventure!

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Trance Healing Workshops –

Meditation For All

Sat 15th June ~ 11am and 3pm

Sun 16th June ~ 11am and 3pm


1+ hr. sessions – 11am & 3pm Saturday and Sunday.


Held courtesy of Eileen Vaughan, proprietor of Spiritual and Mindfulness Development


Beginner’s steps into the world of self-healing. In these free-to-attend workshops we can bring a closer understanding into promoting self-healing through a practical session of Trance Healing Meditation.


If you have ever wondered how to meditate and experience the associated benefits, then come along to our workshops at CAMPERLIFE@STRATFORD and enjoy some time in a relaxed, warm space. Suitable for beginners or advanced. Bring a snug blanket and drink!


At all other times during the show, there will be psychic card readings (featuring a special ‘show price’ advertised on the day), plus sales of assorted handmade wood crafts, incense, dream catchers, etc. 

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