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Here is something totally new at our events at Stratford-upon-Avon Racecourse … indoor fitness classes!

Run by Personal Trainer Jon Boyter, his Stratford-based company CALLIS-FIT is all about coaching Health and Wellness, Sports Exercise & Nutrition.

I believe living a healthy lifestyle” says Jon. “This begins with maintaining a strong and fit, Mind, Body and Soul, with a well-balanced overall plan and the support to help identify your goals and reach your potential”.

Holding two types of class Saturday 15th & Sunday 16th June 2024 at CAMPERLIFE@STRATFORD:-

HIP HOP STEP AEROBICS – BACK TO THE 90s: "Get ready to sweat with our hip hop step class!”

Come step with us at Stratford Racecourse and up your fitness game with our energetic, fun, friendly beginner/feel good Step Class – all ages and everyone welcome. 


Join us for a high-energy workout that's too intense to miss! We'll be mashing up classic aerobic step from the 90s, with the hottest hip hop, R&B, reggae, and dancehall beats for an unforgettable morning of fun and fitness. Don't miss out on this up-to-date twist on a classic workout with remixes all over the genres.


CIRCUIT TRAINING: Circuit Training is a great way to exercise and train your entire body at a level of intensity that’s perfect for you. It will give you a great calorie burn while toning numerous muscle groups and working on your balance, stability, mobility and flexibility plus so much more.


Benefits From Circuit Training?

●Mixes things up, a great time saver and nice break from a standard routine.

●Targets as many muscles as possible in a single session and get a good overall workout and conditioning.

●Those who want to fight osteoporosis or osteopenia and maintain good bone strength.

● improves circulation, posture, and balance.

●Helps with joint pain, arthritis and all over aches and pains.

● Great for calorie burn to promote fat loss and weight loss.


To book or simply for more information, contact Jon at or DM him via

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